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No Humans Needed

Hands-free dryers,

Motion censored faucet,

Automatic sliding doors,

QR code,

Online ordering,

Contactless payments,

All these technologies in and around our life are not uncommon these days.

We've been continuously introduced and accustomed to the convenience of digital life.

Who doesn't know Alexa?

How many of you use a 2G cell phone instead of a smartphone?

Does anyone remember the brown box TV? (Yes! I am that old!)

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter?

This pandemic made computers the most essential item in our life more than ever.

Remote school, work from home, shopping groceries, ordering foods, connecting with family and friends, and so on...

Adapting ever-changing tech in the foodservice industry is a smart investment and is necessary, especially in this challenging time of the pandemic.

Self-ordering kiosk, Order ahead through Alexa or Siri, Self-checkout system, Automated Pickup locker, even a Robot to cook and serve!

All sounds just perfect!

Let's build a humanless restaurant only if you have means.

8 million restaurant industry employees have been laid off or furloughed in April, according to a survey by the National Restaurant Association.

Many of them are still unemployed and many of those who got the job back are given reduced hours.

Would they ever be able to go back to work?

What would happen if indoor dining remains banned until who knows when?

Tech may replace human employees and might be a better option for a profit eventually.

Maybe, the humanless restaurant is the ONLY available option for the future.

But, what about all the interactions, greetings, laughter, and that grumpy person who makes my coffee perfect every morning?

Would you trade a joy of unpredictable life for convenience?

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