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Chilly weather, where do we eat now?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

As Autumn officially begins, the weather, especially at night, is getting chillier every day.

There was one post on Facebook joking that you need to Bring Your Own BLANKET to dine out, called BYOB. 🤣

Restaurants get creative to survive the fall and winter as the city talking permanent outdoor dining.

Green House?

Space Bubble?

OR Trip to Japan?

Luckily Duke is more like a Take-out style eatery so we don't have to be THAT creative to bring customers in, however, the constant thoughts and worries about how to bring business back at least close to pre-COIVD19 aren't avoidable.

👈 This is our latest "investment" hoping for more patronage.

As soon as you stand close to this device, it will check and show your temperature.

How cool is that?

All these "investments" might have helped and may people feel a little safer but they certainly aren't enough. Moreover, many small businesses don't even have the means to invest at all!

What else is more for restaurants to do to survive??

It's always pleasant to see awsome creativity around.

Just hoping to see more of it in a good, happy, and positive world.



****Check this article out.

It just published today (3days later than when I wrote this blog).

Details and depths as the professional reporter wrote.

I wonder if she got the idea from my this article 🤔 🤭 😂

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